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Celebrity Endorsements: False Advertising?

on November 18, 2013

I’ve always been intrigued by the power of celebrity endorsements. While earning my Marketing degree at Emerson College, I studied them critically and analytically.

I wonder… Even if the celebrity stays out of trouble/rehab (cough, Lindsay), the focus always seems to be on the celebrity and not on the actual PRODUCT. To me, that’s a very risky gamble to take, even if it does bring in lots of money in the beginning.

Question of the day: How many times have you been influenced, either positively or negatively, when purchasing a product or service that’s endorsed by a celebrity? How much of your decision of whether or not to purchase is determined by the celebrity? Have you ever regretted purchasing a product because the endorsing celebrity later did or said something negative?

Also, what do you think about Adele’s comment, “I don’t want my name anywhere near another brand. I don’t wanna be tainted or haunted. I think it’s shameful when you sell out.” Is the celebrity really selling out, even when she or he truly believes in the product?

I want to hear what you think!


5 responses to “Celebrity Endorsements: False Advertising?

  1. Vinaya says:

    Because I give less than a crap about most of the celebrities people in this society obsess over, I generally am not influenced by them to buy anything. In fact, if I think the celeb in question is sufficiently vapid, I might decide NOT to buy something because of their association with it. I think the only celebrity endorsements I have been swayed by in recent years have been on guitar gear, and even then, I’m cautious about it, because there is a lot of mediocre to shitty stuff out there that has become popular just because it has such-and-such a player’s name on it. (Signature models are a big thing in the guitar industry.) If it has someone’s name on it that I respect, I’m likely to at least try it out, but I can only think of a couple of pieces of gear that I’ve bought because of this.

  2. Lori says:

    I have always wondered if these celeb’s really use the products/brands they are endorsing. I don’t think I have ever bought anything because a particular celeb is endorsing it. I buy what I like because I like the product, not the celeb.

  3. CurvyCrazyCatLady says:

    Lori, I think everyone wonders that, including me. I remember one time in particular when Kim Kardashian publicly said she only uses a certain skincare brand, which happened to be during the same time she was the face of Fusion Beauty! Even though I’m sure some celebs actually DO use the products they endorse, it casts doubt on the others when things like that happen.

  4. AGC says:

    Since I stick to used/vintage/factory refurb for everything but most clothing and food (duh!) I don’t own ANY products endorsed by a celebrity, at least not officially anyway. I am sure there are a few skincare products around the house that may or may not have been, but that is Emma’s department. The one I know of is a small bottle of Lady Gaga’s FAME um…perfume is it? It is black in the bottle, clear when it comes out; but, just what the heck does it actually SMELL like?! I dunno….but that’s so last year anyway lol!

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