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Should Curvy Girls Be Charged a “Fat Tax”?

on November 26, 2013


Ah, the joys of ripping hair out of our bodies to be beautiful. What could make a Saturday afternoon more fun?

How about paying more for it because we’ve got curves? A British salon called MM Bubbles is charging women who are larger than a size 12 an extra amount, equal to about 8 American dollars, to get body waxes than their leaner counterparts, according to The Sun, a UK newspaper. And they’re not even being honest about it; the policy is not included in any of their advertisements.

When I first read this article, I was enraged. After I thought about it from a logical and business standpoint, though, it seems to make sense. After all, the salon does have to pay for more wax, so why should they be forced to accept that loss?

The problem is that size does not necessarily correspond to amount of hair; some curvier women have either finer or less body hair and would therefore require less wax than a slimmer but thicker-haired girl, so shouldn’t that be taken into account?

The same theory applies to designers who charge more for plus size clothes because they require more material. However, if the argument is that more fabric equals a higher price, then why do most baby clothes cost as much as, if not more than, adult clothes?

Question of the day: Do you believe that the price of services and goods should be on a “sliding scale” according to size? Have you every had to pay more or less for a product or service because of your curves? Do you feel it was fair? Why or why not?



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