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How Much are Your Breasts Worth?

on November 27, 2013


When I was 12 years old, I wore a D cup bra, which not only brought me lots of attention from my horny male classmates; it also started my shoulders and back on a 20 year path to pain. I’ve tried countless bras with and without padded straps and under wire, and still my shoulders still look like mini Grand Canyons.

Recently, I stumbled across the Kewi bra, a strapless bra, launching in June of 2014, that claims to lift cup sizes D-K automatically by using “floating devices” and a device which “uses magnetic force to convert the downward force of the breasts to an upward force with a lift potential of 11.2 pounds”. The device also absorbs shock during movement to keep breasts in place.

As tempting as this sounds, it does not come without a hefty price tag: $150 (or $99 if you pre-order before December 10th of this year). Since I usually spend about $20 on my bras, that’s a lot for me to swallow. However, when my back is screaming at me at the end of a long day, it seems like a steal!

Question of the day: Would you spend $150 for a bra, especially if you can’t try it on first? Why or why not? Where do you usually buy your bras? Why?





5 responses to “How Much are Your Breasts Worth?

  1. Sarah says:

    I would not spend $150 on a bra I couldn’t try on first, however, since I’ve been going to get my bras fitted, I have noticed a big difference in my upper back pain. I have bought several bras at a small store on Orchard St where the staff can look at you and immediately know what kind of bra you need. I can often find bras there for about $45.

  2. Hi Emma! I wanted to leave a comment, I’ve heard a lot about the Kewi bra as well, but I can’t say I’m too convinced…yet. I’m not quite sure how magnets and an inner sling can make up for a really, really skinny band on the drawing of the bra…no photos of women in the bra, either…and also, it usually takes a few years for a company to get their product designs right. Rarely does a new company find success in its fits right from the get-go. My favorites for curvy ladies at a lower price point are Goddess and Elomi bras…if you’re willing to splurge a bit, Prima Donna make amazing styles, my favorite being the Madison and Deauville. They also make a long line bra called the “Sambal”. The long line gives extra, extra support which really takes the pressure off your upper back and shoulders. If I hear anything about the Kewi bra, I’ll definitely let you know! 🙂

    • CurvyCrazyCatLady says:

      Thank you, Babs. As a professional bra fitter, what can you say is the most common mistake curvy women make when buying bras?

      • Oh…well, I hate to say it Emma…but cheaping out. That’s the biggest mistake. Rarely, if ever is a $20 bra up to the task…for anyone, regardless of size. I know it sucks, women pay more for shoes, handbags, hairstyles, etc…but when it comes to back health, a good bra makes all the difference. It is in an investment, but better quality bras not only wear better…but last longer! I often have tough talks with ladies, but we often think nothing of throwing around money on accessories and salon visits but balk at spending on bras. A bra is so, so SO important. They call them foundation garments for a reason! Again, Elomi and Goddess, and Panache all make pretty, functional options that are at the $70 and under, and all those brands have a very inclusive size range.

        I’d say after that, the next biggest mistake comes in the style department. Fuller busted women must have bras with wider straps. Wider straps work with a well fit band to take tension off the shoulders, and lessens the chance of developing grooves in soft tissue. Also, I know women love their padded T-Shirt bras…but for women above an F cup, they are generally unsuitable. I’m a G cup, and I never, ever EVER wear padded bras without seams. So give up your padded T-Shirt bras. There’s not as much support, and if you are interested in minimizing your breast size, they are the LAST type of bra you should be choosing. Bras with seams not only offer more support and lift, but they create a more streamlined shape and minimized appearance. Plus, they’re generally prettier!

        Honestly, my best advice is for curvy women to check out a professional fitting in a boutique that they feel comfortable visiting. You’re going to (hopefully!) get a TON of information that will really help you put your body into perspective and gain a better appreciation for your wonderful assets! Again, you don’t need a lot of bras, but you do need bras that work. You may be shocked after a fitting that with the right bra, your entire shape will be transformed. The right bra can give you extra lift, which elongates the torso. Your clothes will also fit differently and…better! I tell my ladies, just remember, you are WORTH IT. A bra is a garment that you wear for many hours, every day. It is absolutely worth not only seeking professional advice, but to also wear good quality, well fitting garments, for your comfort AND confidence!

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