Curves, Cats, and Creams

Big and Beautiful Brides

on December 4, 2013


There is truly nothing more special than shopping for a wedding dress. Every little girl dreams about what her dress will look like, what kind of veil she’ll wear, and how she’ll style her hair on the most important day of her life. And when you find THE dress, you just know it. 

Unfortunately for curvy brides, this most precious shopping experience can quickly lead to frustration, helplessness, and even tears when we realize that not one of the dresses we’ve waited so many years to try on will actually fit us! 

Thankfully, Della Curva, Southern California’s first plus-size bridal salon, has come to our rescue. Owner Lisa Litt decided to open a plus-size-only salon after hearing hundreds of “horror stories” from curvy brides who have been forced to order their gowns from websites only to receive half-sewn monstrosities made from a cheap imitation fabric, or even an altogether different style of dress than was pictured.  

For the few who were lucky enough to find a brick and mortar salon which carried their sizes, some relayed tales of skinny employees who did not understand the needs of their curves or who were just plain snobby to larger ladies. “The sales associates were fighting not to help her,” Litt says.

Burt Warner, Litt’s boyfriend, explains why she chose to cater exclusively to curvy girls, “They don’t want to be standing next to a size 2, 5-foot-7, 110-pound girl with a boob job, where every single thing she puts on looks fantastic,” he says. “They have to be able to open up. We want them to relax, sip some sparkling water and have a good time.”

Question of the day: Are you married or engaged? What challenges did you face when shopping for a dress? Where did you find your dress and what made you fall in love with it?




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