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A Curvier Boston is Coming Soon Thanks to Savione

on December 5, 2013


How often have we said to ourselves that even though it’s more fun and interactive to shop at actual stores, it’s just too much of a hassle to find the right store, never mind a great deal, so we’ll just order what we want online? Admit it, we’re all guilty of that!

Now there’s an app that will make you want to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow and hit the stores. It’s called Savione. Created by Bostonian Mai Libman, Savione is a virtual mall which allows users to share exciting finds and fantastic deals found at local businesses in Boston, New York, and other major U.S. cities..

This is especially important to us curvy ladies, who are in dire need of more brick-and-mortar stores, so we should all be downloading this right now to help grow our curvy community.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the free app from iTunes 

2. When you stumble across a local, non-chain retailer that you simply must tell your friends about, add it to the Savione app. Yes, you contribute to building a virtual mall of real stores!

3. Share reviews, promotions, and even specific products that you love.

4. Before your next shopping trip, “window shop” at your local stores to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Question of the day: Are you more likely to shop at a local store or a chain store? Why?



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