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Rent the (Curvy) Runway for the Holidays!

on December 8, 2013


Nothing makes a woman, especially a curvy one, feel more confident than getting decked out in one seriously kick-ass outfit, especially around the holidays. Admit it; we’ve all gawked at and drooled over our favorite celebrity’s stunningly expensive red carpet ensembles, slowly turning as green as a holly branch with envy.

Now we can rock our own personal red carpet, ladies. Since 2009, Rent The Runway has given women the opportunity to indulge their celebrity fashion fantasies without having to mortgage the house, allowing them to rent individual pieces of clothing or entire outfits, including accessories and, of course, the all-important shoes. And now that RTR has finally launched a plus size division, curvy girls around the country are able to experience our own “Cinderella moment” without sacrificing our first born.

Here’s how it works:

1. At least 2 days before your event, browse through the designer outfits, which you can filter by price, size, color, length, trend, occasion, sleeve, neckline, age, style, designer, and, most importantly for curves, body type.

2. After finding your perfect outfit, choose your delivery date and whether you want to keep it for 4 or 8 days.

3. Your red carpet outfit will arrive via UPS (or courier if you live in NYC) by 8 PM on the day of your premiere.

4. After setting the town on fire and being written up in the tabloids (or at least on Facebook), simply send the outfit back to RTR via the included pre-paid package. Don’t even worry about cleaning it first!

Thankfully, they even sell foundation garments such as panties, tights, slips, and Spanx (note: sell, not rent, thank God) so your outfit will look as fabulous on your curves as it would on your favorite star.

RTR even includes a second size of the outfit absolutely free, since we all know how hard it is to order the right size without trying it on. If the back-up outfit isn’t available, RTR allows you rent a second outfit style in the same or lower price category for just $32.50. If your look still isn’t perfect upon receipt, RTR can usually overnight a replacement.

As founder and CEO Jenn Hyman states, “Every woman deserves to feel beautiful before the most important occasions in her life. Until now, we have only been able to follow through on this undertaking for virtually half of the female population.” 

On behalf of curvy women everywhere, Jenn, I thank you and look forward to renting my own runway!


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