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Fashion Orgasm Alert: Corset Tops!

on December 10, 2013


There was a time when I thought anyone who was masochistic enough to wear a flesh-strangling contraption made with whale bones should be kidnapped, hypnotized, and reprogrammed.

Turns out, they must have been able to see far into the future and know that curvy girls would someday be in desperate need of corsets. Even though they are no longer made of whale bone (thank God), the corset is the one foundation garment that can give any girl an hourglass figure if she so desires.

Today, I discovered Figuresque, “a positive and informative place to shop for trendy, figure-flattering plus-size fashions and, at the same time, just feel good about your curves.” Their collection of unique plus-size corset tops are so incredibly beautiful and timeless, not to mention fabulously flattering for us curvy gals. Plus, the most expensive one is only $64.95!

Corset tops are very versatile, too. Jeans make a casual complement to them during the day and can easily be swapped out for tights and heels for a night out.

In addition to gorgeous corset tops and dresses, they carry affordable, fun, and fashionable clothes and costumes that cater to our every curvy fantasy. They even offer shoes that go up to a size 13!

I encourage all of you curvy girls to at least try on a corset top. It will enhance your curves in a way you never thought possible while still ensuring that you are breathing easy from day into night.


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