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You Can’t Design the Perfect Man, But You CAN Design the Perfect Shoe!

on December 12, 2013


Even though we all insist that we love our significant other “just the way they are”, we still wish that we could pick exactly what qualities they would possess in a perfect world. Admit it, ladies!

Well, until the government wakes up to our dilemma and relaxes its cloning and genetic mutation laws, we’ll just have to settle for being able to pick the qualities of our perfect shoe.

And now we can, thanks to Julia Grinham and Katy Chandler, sisters and co-founders of Upper Street, an UK-based company that allows women to design their very own hand-made shoes.

Upper Street was conceived when Katy moved to Hong Kong in 2007 and quickly discovered that local shoe stores only catered to the much smaller feet of the petite Asian women surrounding her. Katy soon began to design her own shoes out of necessity, then began to enjoy it so much that she wondered how many other women would want  to create their own unique shoes. Turns out, a lot!

To create your own unique shoes:

1. Register for a free account on

2. For inspiration, browse the design guide, shoe galleries, swatch store, and customer stories.

3. Pick your size, colors, and materials. You can even purchase a swatch book so you know exactly what the material will look and feel like!

4. In 4-5 weeks, when your one-of-a-kind shoes arrive, go to the most exclusive fashion event you can find and show them off, bragging to everyone that they were made exclusively for you by the designer!

Upper Street also offers ready-to-wear shoes designed specifically for larger feet like mine. I especially love the collection by Nicole Smallwood, celebrity stylist and shoe designer.

If you happen to be in London, you can also experience the personalized expert fitting and design assistance at Upper Street’s “Shoe Lounge”. They even host shoe design parties, either at their Islington Townhouse or in a private venue of your choosing. And you thought cookie parties were cool!

With the holidays upon us, there’s no more unique gift to give a loved one, or yourself, than flawlessly fitting, individualized shoes designed by the one and only YOU!


2 responses to “You Can’t Design the Perfect Man, But You CAN Design the Perfect Shoe!

  1. Lori says:

    OMG! I am in love with this! Too bad it’s out of my price range at the moment! But I will file this away for a later date! 😉

  2. CurvyCrazyCatLady says:

    Please do! I’m already earmarking some of my tax return money for a pair!

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