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Let Your Breasts Breathe With Wick’em Bra Liners

on December 18, 2013


Even though I don’t have any babies (at least, not any human ones), I am literally never without baby powder. Having grown D-cup breasts by the time I was 12, I learned at a tender age that to go without baby powder under my breasts will very quickly lead to embarrassing sweat spots, sticky and slimy residue, chaffing, and that oh-so-fun stabbing from underwires. 

Which is why my girls sat up and started cheering when I came across Wick’em bra liners today. Available in two different styles, Wick’em liners keep the girls happy by absorbing extra moisture away from your skin and locking it into its cotton filling. And, best of all, my bathroom won’t be mistaken for a cocaine den after I apply my baby powder any more!

If you are very active or simply have a little extra “glow”, the Moisture Management liner is for you. Crafted from the same high-tech absorbing fabric of athletic gear, this liner will stand up to your most rigorous workouts.

If you are recovering from breast surgery, are undergoing breast cancer treatments, or are simply a sensitive gal like me that would rather not be wearing an angry red bra outline at the end of the day, the Sensitive Skin bra liner will be your girls’ best friend. In addition to absorbing excess moisture, it is created from a heavenly rayon fiber that is also dye- and latex-free.

There are also no adhesives, pins, or duct tape needed to secure it to your favorite bra. Simply place the liner under the bra with the label facing away from you so that the flat edge lies along the bottom. The two large flaps will nestle neatly into the cups with the tab centered between your ladies. If you prefer to show a little (or a lot) more cleavage, that’s OK, too; just make sure the tab is facing down.

Picking the right size is a breeze, too. Whatever cup size you are is the letter you order. For example, I wear a DDD, so I would order a D cup. 

Care and maintenance couldn’t be easier, either, because they are machine washable, with your delicates, and dryable on low heat.

The best part is that they are very budget friendly at only $20 each and can be easily ordered online from Lane Bryant, Her Room, and Kohl’s! 

Wick’em founder Donna Frye says, “The letters and e-mails I receive from women who have purchased the Wick’em have been truly moving. From women who finally feel comfortable wearing a bra, to women whose rashes and irritation caused by perspiration dramatically improve or disappear, to the breast cancer patients who finally get relief from the raw, irritated skin caused by the very treatments they must endure to save their lives. My women customers testify that the Wick’em really works.”


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