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Not Sure Where to Shop for Your Curves? Start with Curvy Market!

on December 19, 2013


Isn’t it great to have nothing to do all day except surf the web for retailers that actually cater to our curves? 

Oh, wait…

Since most of us have a total of 10 minutes to ourselves every day, otherwise known as our daily shower, I had to tell you about what I call a “Curvy Google” for shopping, otherwise known as Curvy Market.

Created by Kenyeal Keon, a curvy hottie in LA, and launched in October 2013, Curvy Market is the only social shopping platform dedicated entirely to bringing curvy women together with the retailers who love them. 

As a shopper, just sign up for a free account and receive a Curvy Market URL. Suddenly, you have access to hundreds of retailers, ranging from giants like Nordstrom to the smallest Etsy designer, with a massive range of products including clothing, shoes, jewelry, books and media, arts and crafts, and even maternity and wedding. If you need help narrowing down all the choices, visit the “Get Inspired” section to view pictures that other members have posted of their fabulous finds. Don’t forget to post your own find after it arrives! 

If you are a retailer or designer looking to reach your curvy consumers, simply create a free listing and send Curvy Market the details you’d like on your store page, after which you’ll also be given a Curvy Market URL. You can even add your social media buttons to your page so your ladies can find you anywhere. Then get busy uploading collections and individual products that will wow your curvy audience!

Kenyeal explains her struggles with shopping for her fabulous plus size figure, “For years I craved ONE website that took the guesswork out of accessing the hundreds, if not thousands, of retailers that had items created with Plus Size women in mind. Aside from just bookmarking and forgetting about them, I wanted more. Which ones spoke to my personality and my essence? I hope you find the value in Curvy Market and you too discover and support these amazing stores that are passionate about serving us, the Curvy community.”


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