Curves, Cats, and Creams

Sip and Swap, the Curvy Way

on December 20, 2013


Every Halloween when I was a kid, I would go trick-or-treating with my best friend, Jen, and we would have a blast! We would pick out our costumes together, get ready together, take pictures together, and then hit the streets. After we bled our neighbors dry, we would go back to her house and swap our candy so we each got what we loved the most (ahh, Reese’s…)

Since the swap was always the best part of the night for me, I was so excited to hear that Ty-Juana Flores, founder of Style Your Curves, who has been saving the curvy girls of Boston from fashion disasters since 2012, is hosting a clothing swap just for us on Sunday, January 26 2014, at Scholars Bistro and Lounge, located at 25 School St in Boston.

On swap day, bring 5-10 items of current, clean clothing (no accessories), on hangers, if possible. Please make sure that they are in good condition, without tears, holes, stains, or broken zippers. Vintage is fine if it’s actually vintage (from the 80s or earlier). 

If you’re a pack rat/hoarder like my husband who can’t even think about parting with old clothes, just remember this rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you never will so swap it out for something you actually want to wear!

Please bring your clothes to Scholars between 12 and 1:30 PM (only during that time, please) to give the Style Your Curves team time to sort and organize them. After that, feel free to sip on your complimentary beverage and mingle with your curvy neighbors while Ty-Juana and her team are hard at work. Don’t forget to buy your raffle ticket for a special prize from Chloe + Isabel jewelry!

At 3 PM, Ty-Juana will explain the rules of the swap and the magic will begin! Discover new and exciting outfits without spending a penny more than the $15 admission price.

Afterward, any clothes that are not claimed will be donated to Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization whose mission is “to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.”  

I will definitely be there, ladies, and I hope I see you because this will be so much fun; not only to get some new outfits and clear out our closets, but to network with each other and build Boston’s curvy community!


Tickets can be purchased at:


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