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Never Guess Your Size Again, Thanks to Smart FiT!

on December 30, 2013


How many times have we researched the perfect outfit online and ran excitedly to the nearest store that actually carries plus sizes, only to hear the phrase, “That outfit is only available online”? So, after a wasted trip to the mall, we schlep ourselves back home in the snow and log onto the Internet to order said outfit, only to be confronted with one of life’s great unanswerable questions, “Which f*#king size do I order?!”

Thankfully, MIPSO is handing us the answer to this question on a silver platter, or at least in their new Smart FiT app. Since almost 40% of online purchases are returned, mainly because of an incorrect fit, MIPSO’s Smart FiT app is seeking to eliminate the confusion of choosing your perfect size by personalizing your virtual fitting room.

To begin, simply upload a photo of you or manually enter a few basic measurements. Since not one of us has the patience to enter the 29 specific measurements needed to accurately determine your size, MIPSO’s top-secret algorithm predicts the rest. Once that’s completed, customize your colors and style preferences to ensure only relevant outfits will be suggested.

After you’ve told MIPSO just what you want in your fantasy wardrobe, you’ll actually get to see what the outfits will look like on you! Or at least on your very own avatar, which even has your fabulous curves.

If you prefer to actually leave your home and interact with live human beings, check in at your favorite participating store, then scan any barcode with your smartphone to find out which size will fit you flawlessly. And, just like online, you can see how the clothes will look on your avatar, so you save a ton of time in the dressing room that is much better spent shopping for more curvy outfits!

If you still need help, the sales assistants will have access to all of your style information and preferences the moment you check in, so they can make even more personalized recommendations for you. 

After shopping for both yourself and your curvy friends (since MIPSO allows friends to see each other’s profile) there will usually be a choice to check-out via your phone and say “suckas!” to the poor unfortunates waiting in line.

Smart FiT app will be available soon and I will be one of the first to download it so I never again have to ask myself what f$#king size to order!


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