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Who Needs Netflix When You’ve Got Gwynnie Bee?

on January 5, 2014


I admit that I’ve been having a scandalous love affair with Netflix for the last 4 years. I love not only streaming instantly some of my favorite movies and TV shows, but also being able to order DVDs, especially since I get to keep them as long as I want for a flat monthly fee.

So it came as no surprise that I almost had an orgasm when I discovered Gwynnie Bee, a monthly subscription service that caters exclusively to curvy girls from sizes 10-32.

Here’s how it works:

1. After creating a free account, browse through the collections from over 100 different designers, selecting as many items as you want to add to your virtual closet.

2. Subscribe to one of 6 different plans. If you choose the 1, 2, or 3 garments out at a time plans, your first month is free and your credit card will be charged for the next month on the 31st day.

3. After receiving the first piece of your virtual closet, call your girlfriends and hit the town to celebrate your new find!

4. Once you’ve gone to every hot spot in town, which may take awhile, send back your item in the pre-paid bag that came with it. You’ll never get charged for shipping and you don’t even have to worry about cleaning it! Gwynnie Bee takes care of everything.

4. If you absolutely fall in love and you and your rental can’t bear to part ways, email Gwynnie Bee for a price quote and you two can be together forever.

Like you’re probably doing right now, I thought this all sounded fantastic until I realized how much time I’d be wasting by having to send back clothes that don’t fit. Thankfully, Gwynnie Bee was kind enough to provide a size chart for almost every single designer so you’ll never be disappointed that what you’ve waited for with bated breath is not your perfect match.

Christine Hunsicker, the CEO of Gwynnie Bee, explains why she saw a need for a company like this, “Growing up as a little girl in rural Pennsylvania, my aunt sewed all of my clothing. Every Monday, I’d get a fresh box of clothes to try out for the week. Bright prints, matchy-matchy outfits, new styles-you name it, I wore it. My clothes always fit, even as I was changing size and shape, and I felt empowered to experiment. Shopping today isn’t like that. We have to go through all of the practical considerations of “how many times will I wear this?” “will this go with the rest of my wardrobe?” and “what happens if I change size?” This model is a limiting way to experience and enjoy clothing. And it kind of sucks.”

Thanks to Christine, I’ll be creating my very own unlimited curvy closet and I hope you buzz over to Gwynnie Bee to do the same!


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