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Want to Be Full, Fit, and Fabulous? And Fashionable, Of Course?

on January 9, 2014


One of the biggest myths in the plus size fashion industry is that curvy = fat. So not true! Even though many women (and men) with curves are overweight, myself included, you truly can be completely healthy and fit while still having curves.

This is the message Rochelle Rice and Always For Me will make loud and clear when they collaborate on the second annual “Full, Fit, and Fabulous” event in New York City next week.

“Full, Fit, and Fabulous” is not, repeat NOT, a weight loss seminar!!! It is a wellness workshop for full figured women that blends together health, movement, and, of course, fashion! This curves-only event will include presentations about understanding our unique hormones, embracing our sensuality, and tips on finding the right active wear for your body and budget.

Since movement is crucial to everyone’s health, no matter their size, this event will also include three different FUN movement opportunities as well as testimonials from Rice’s past clients who became “Masters of Movement”. No “drop and give me 20 push ups”, I promise!

Rice, a graduate of the Chris Technique of acupuncture, a yoga instructor for women of all sizes, and the author of Real Fitness For Real Women, a non-weight loss focused guide which teaches women to exercise for the enjoyment of it, travels the country empowering women to connect their bodies, minds, and hearts through a combination of focus, movement, and breath.

Since Rice also knows how important it is for women of all sizes to feel comfortable and fashionable in their own skin, a partnership with Always For Me was the natural choice for her upcoming “Full, Fit, and Fabulous” event, since Always For Me specializes in plus size active wear, swimwear, and cover ups.

Here’s the info for this curvy day!

When: Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where: The Jolly Madison Hotel, 22 East 38th Street at Madison Avenue, New York, NY.

How much: 

Full Day Event With Breathe & Eat Luncheon: $137 (Not just a luncheon; you’ll also learn          how to breathe and track body sensations while you eat.)

Full Day Event Only (No Luncheon): $99

For a complete description of the day’s events and guest speakers, please visit

Rice believes that women should ” Experience movement for the health and pleasure of it” and that “You deserve to move, no matter your size.” Join her and your curvy sisters and get inspired to become full, fit, and fabulous!


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