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Fashion Orgasm Alert! Monif C Creates A Little Black Dress Transformer.

on January 21, 2014


Don’t you just hate admitting that Mom is right? Unfortunately, I recently had to swallow my pride and admit that mine was right all those years ago when she told me that no, repeat no, woman should ever consider her wardrobe complete without a little black dress. 

At least I am able to say that my confession was coerced. After discovering the “Marilyn Ruched Convertible Dress” by Monif C, I was forced into that admission because there’s literally no reason to not have this little black dress.

This curvy transformer can morph into twenty-two distinctly different dresses, including a halter dress, a dress with sleeves, a skirt, and even a baby doll top, just to name a few. With nearly endless combinations, you friends and fellow cocktail party goers will assume you’ve somehow blackmailed every curvy designer into giving you their dresses.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s made of jersey? This delectably soft material usually reserved for PJs will caress your curves and follow them all night as you make your presence known to everyone at your next event.

Monif C was launched in 2005 and is the brain child of a fabulously curvy mother and daughter team, Elaine and Monif Clarke, who firmly believe that every woman, curvy or not, has the God-given right to “unadulterated sexy appeal”. After winning several coveted industry awards, such as Full Figure Fashion Week’s “Best Plus Size Fashion Designer”, Monif C has indeed achieved the goal of designing “luxurious feminine clothes that make a statement”. 

Actually, with the Marilyn convertible dress, you can make two statements, or three, or ten…



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