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Rock Your Curves With Cher Rue!

on January 30, 2014

For blog Cher Rue

Ladies, you are so lucky to be able to share in my interview with Cher Rue, writer, producer, actress, and curvy advocate who has pushed the curvy industry ahead by leaps and bounds!

1. Question: Why did you choose to transition from being a plus size model to TV show host of The Cher Rue Show and what were some of the challenges you faced?

Answer: I was very young when I started modeling and I made lots of friends, one of which I later went into business with and created a cable TV show.  The show was lots of fun and gave me very valuable producing, directing, and acting experience.

After the show ended, we  opened a night club exclusively for curvy women and the men who love them.  We were very family oriented and made everyone feel welcome. The club became very popular and it got lots of TV exposure, which helped me to be comfortable in front of the camera.

Later on, I enrolled in school for acting, and went on to have my own talk show. Two years later, I decided to take classes for commercials and improv, which was so much fun! I realized then that acting is a passion of mine and something you have to work hard at if you want to be successful.

2. Question: Who was your biggest supporter? 

Answer: My mother is my biggest  supporter; she has had issues with my weight growing up but has always had my back and best interests at heart.  My brother is my best friend and has always been there for me no matter what, which is so amazing because when we were little (he is seven years older), he would throw me on the rug to tickle and fight with me. Ha ha.

I also have so many great friends who are supportive, such as my great friend, actor Johnny Venokur, my spiritual friend, Paula Obeid, and designer Dede Allure. I am so blessed to have all of them in my life.

3. Question: Who was your favorite interviewee for The Cher Rue Show?

Answer: Definitely Green Eyes, the customer in episode 18, “Tattoos”, which I filmed at the Ink Monkey Tattoo Parlor in Venice, CA. He was very open, interesting, and family-oriented, plus he loved sharing the meaning behind his many tattoos, like the 3 Stooges on his butt!

I did a segment in Las Vegas that asks strangers on the street and getting their spontaneous response to questions such as “Would you rather have a beautiful face or a beautiful body? You would be surprised with all the different answers people gave.

4. Question: What is Rock Your Curvy Style and why did you create it? 

AnswerRock Your Curvy Style is my company through which I produce various events and I created it because there was such a huge need for more events in the curvy community.

For several years, I was part of yearly bashes and conventions for the plus size community and, while I was working on one, I got the idea of hosting fashion shows at them and utilizing the girls who are trying to break into modeling. For me, the best reward is watching them shine on the runway and helping to make their dreams come true.

I also love finding new designers in the plus community and helping them get their start. I firmly believe that these shows should be accessible to everyone, so I pay for the whole thing myself and refuse to charge admission, plus I attach one of my favorite charities to each show. 
I also host a Miss Rock Your Curves contest every year. Contestants are asked to submit a 1-minute video, and Miss Rock Your Curves is chosen based on how she contributes to the curvy community, not on her beauty, I feel real beauty is on the inside.

5. Question: Why do you think most curvy models are non-Caucasian? 

Answer: Actually, in LA, there’s an equal amount of Caucasian plus models. Maybe there aren’t as many on the East Coast because Caucasian women there aren’t as confident with their curves as non-Caucasians. But not living there or experiencing the models, I really don’t know how they feel; I just know the models in LA ROCK their CURVES!

6. Question: I was very surprised to learn that curvy women are more accepted in LA than on the East coast. Why do you think that is in a city where so many people are worried about being thin enough? 

Answer: I think women out here are simply more confident and people realize that beauty comes in all sizes. For example, I was once at a red carpet event in Hollywood, surrounded by gorgeous, thin girls, and this really cute guy ignored them and walked right up to me and started hitting on me.

7. Question: What would you say to critics who claim that encouraging women to accept their bodies will add to the obesity epidemic? 

Answer: I would say to anyone that we are all on our own journey and no one should criticize anyone, especially on the way they look. As long as we are healthy, that is all that matters. We are beautiful no matter what size we are!

8. Question: Do you have any children? If so, are they curvy?

Answer: I have one daughter, Heather, who has athletic build and surfs every day; she is a thick size 5/7 and works out all the time. We’re so different that it’s sometimes hard to believe she came out of my womb. I’m very much into glitz and glam, and she’s a straight-up bohemian surfer girl who is happiest when painting or drawing!


9. Question: What are your hopes for yourself, your daughter, and the plus size fashion industry over the next 5 years?

Answer: Since she just got married, I hope my daughter has a wonderful family soon that we can share and that she becomes a famous artist. 

For the curvy industry, I want to see more fashions like Dede Allure’s and I want women to feel fashionable, sexy, trendy, and happy in whatever they wear.

For myself, I just want to be good at my acting career and do a good job. I’m working on a brand-new reality show right now, so no telling where that will lead! I also have my own Parfum, “Rock Your Curves”, which is amazing and something I have always wanted. I also want to keep helping Dede Allure create fabulous new clothing designs for us plus size girls.,


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