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Curved Rose Jewelry Tops Off the Curvy Girl’s Sundae

on February 8, 2014

For blog Curved Rose ring

What fashionista doesn’t love accessories? Topping off an outfit with a sparkling diamond bracelet or an attention-grabbing pendant is just as essential as the cherry on top of a hot-fudge sundae.

As a curvy girl, I’ve had my heart broken many times after falling in love with a piece of jewelry only to find that it simply refuses to slide over my knuckle or fully circle my wrist. I mean, who are they kidding with “one size fits all”?! Of course, I could always have it re-sized or special ordered if I wanted to pay 3 times the price. Grrrr.

This is why I was so happy to discover Curved Rose, an online jewelry store specializing in ready to wear, affordable silver pieces that are made just for us curvy girls! Designer Jessie Manual explains, “It became apparent to me whilst working in a modern, high street jeweler, that many women were unable to buy the jewelry that they would like, as it was not available in their size. Curved Rose is about offering a great choice of ready to wear, contemporary silver jewelry, but in sizes for plus size women.“

On the short list of designers for the coveted Best Accessories Range at the British Plus Size Awards in 2013, Curved Rose has indeed answered the prayers of many a curvy girl who refuses to leave the ice cream parlor without her cherry.


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