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Love Food Trucks? Your Curvy Chix Chariot Awaits!

on February 17, 2014

For blog Curvy Chix Chariot

While I was in college, I began a clandestine affair with the food trucks lurking around campus, tempting every innocent passerby with mouthwatering aromas of goodies like fresh baked pizza and french fries. Shamefully, I soon found myself addicted to those middle-of-the-afternoon quickies in between classes, although I truly tried my hardest (cough) to avoid the temptation.

Much to my dismay, there is now an even greater temptation; the Curvy Chix Chariot, the first exclusively plus sized fashion truck in the Washington, DC, area. Carrying trendy fashions and accessories from both local and global designers, Curvy Chix Chariot answers the needs of busy curvy women who simply don’t have time to go on a hunting expedition to find the rare brick-and-mortar store that actually carries their sizes.

The mastermind behind this evil idea is Donna Hundley, a busy mother, student, and employee who knew all too well the frustration of purchasing an outfit online and then being devastated upon arrival when it did not fit or hug her curves the right way. Taking matters into her own hands, she launched a mobile boutique that combines a private shopping experience, complete with a changing room, music, and ambient lighting, with expert fashion advice for those who need a guiding hand.

If all of this isn’t enough temptation, Curvy Chix Chariot will even come to your door when you want to host a fashion party in the DC, MD, or North VA areas. I mean, what could be worse than having chic, affordable fashions delivered right to your door for you and your curvy girls to fight over?!

Well, if you’re like me and can resist everything except temptation, you may as well throw in the towel right now and call the Curvy Chix Chariot. Don’t fight it, ladies; it’s best to just give in and put up with the fabulous wardrobe!


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