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Love Thine Enemy? Chrystal Bougon of Curvy Girl Inc Says Yes!

on February 21, 2014

For blog Curvy Girl Inc


Unfortunately, I don’t think a single one of us has ever not been made fun of for something, whether it’s our weight, our glasses, our lack of income, etc. Bullying has been a stain on society for as long as people have been different. In other words, since the beginning of time!

Chrystal Bougon is the owner of Curvy Girl Boutique, a plus size lingerie boutique in San Jose, CA, and has been an advocate for body and self acceptance for many years. Inspired by Jen McLellen, founder of, she recently launched the “Love Letter to Your Bully” campaign to encourage victims of bullying to write a letter or meme standing up to their bullies. Below is the meme she published that triggered an avalanche responses from women across the country, all of whom applauded her bravery.

Dear Fat Shamer, Internet Bully, and Concern Troll:

Your hatred towards fat people FUELS MY FIRE to show every waking moment showing Curvy Women how sexy they are. Your ignorance inspires me. All women deserve to feel sexy and beautiful. My heart breaks for you that you cannot see beauty in all bodies.

I hope one day you find some LOVE in your life so that you can learn to love yourself and stop putting fat women down to fill your sad, empty heart. Choose love, not hate.


If you were bullied, for any reason, please join the “Love Letters to Your Bully” campaign and take a stand against the haters. Spreading love, even to our enemies, just might cause future bullies to think twice about casting that first stone.


Join the campaign at


Chrystal Bougon







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