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Prom Night is Right Around the Corner! Are Your Curves Ready?

on February 25, 2014



Who could ever forget their prom night? Waking up at dawn to get your nails done, making sure your hair style was secure enough to hold up to some major booty-dropping on the dance floor, not being able to eat a thing because the butterflies were taking up all the room in your stomach, and, of course, finally donning the perfect dress that you spent the last 6 months searching for. 

Now curvy girls can experience every bit of joy, nerves, and anticipation that prom night brings without having to settle for anything less than the perfect dress because of their curves, thanks to Since 2007, has been providing quality dresses for life’s most special occasions, such as weddings, Sweet 16 parties, and proms, and now they’re making every curvy prom-goer’s dreams come true. 

Available in sizes up to 26, breathtaking creations such as this Hot Pink Luxury V-Neck Sleeveless dress are available now for up to half off and can even be custom made to fit your unique curves flawlessly.

Visit now to order the perfect dress which will ensure that every eye is on your gorgeous curves and not on your date’s god-awful dance moves!




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