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Fashion Orgasm Alert! Channel Your Inner Marilyn Monroe With Pinup Girl Clothing!

on February 28, 2014



Whether you love Marilyn Monroe or despise her as a presidential home wrecker, you must admit that she was damn hot! At a size 14, this curvaceous bombshell redefined the word “sexy” and was, ironically, what most straight size designers today would consider far too fat to cruise the catwalk!

And now you can honor this curvy pioneer by sporting pinup looks inspired by her and brought to life by Pinup Girl Clothing. Founded in 1999, Pinup Girl Clothing is dedicated to making sure that modern day pinups of all sizes can rock their curves in vintage ensembles like this Marilyn-inspired “Jessica Dress in Vintage Red”. 

Thanks to brands like Pinup Girl Clothing, the curvy revolution is now well under way and people are finally realizing what Marilyn knew more than 60 years ago when she graced the cover of the very first Playboy Magazine in 1953: curves = SEXY! 








Marilyn Monroe Playboy Cover:


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