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The Corset; Medieval Torture Device or the Curvy Girl’s BFF?

on April 4, 2014


We all remember that scene during Meet Me in St. Louis in which Rose was yanking at the strings of Esther’s corset while poor Esther was holding onto the bedpost trying not to breathe, all in an effort to look beautiful when John picked her up for the Christmas dance. I especially remember asking myself why in God’s name anyone would voluntarily wear a torture device like that!

Turns out, a corset is truly the curvy girl’s best friend, rearranging the curves of even the most challenging body types and shifting them around to create a much more flattering silhouette. Thankfully, La Bella Moda, a family apparel boutique in Clinton, MA, has brought corsets out of our grandmothers’ attics and into the 21st century by creating a collection made from rich yet breathable fabrics such as cotton, rayon, and polyester blends that are available in 21 bold, beautiful colors in sizes XXS to 6X.

These affordable shape enhancers are only $28 each and are custom made for your unique curves. Simply message Ann at La Bella Moda’s Facebook page (see link below) with your measurements, as well as your design, color, and material preferences.

Whether you’re strutting down the red carpet in a Prada evening gown or simply running to the corner store in jeans and a T-shirt, La Bella Moda’s corsets will make sure your fabulous curves are comfortably on display. Esther would be jealous!


Question of the day: Do you feel that corsets catapult women back to the prim and proper 1900s or do you embrace them as a modern way to feel sexy in your curves? Why?


La Bella Moda

212 High St

Clinton, MA 01510

Phone: (978) 733-4374






3 responses to “The Corset; Medieval Torture Device or the Curvy Girl’s BFF?

  1. Ann says:

    In my opinion, the corset of the ole days was truly a midevil device. Meant to give women a misfigured shape. Tiny waist at 20 inches, unable to breath. They were made with either whale bone, or later with metal reinforcements.
    Today’s corset is a new era in which not only can a XXS fit into one easily, but the curvy as well. Something the fashion industry has forgotten is all women, regardless of race, size and yes, age, are beautiful. The corset, while a torture contraption in the beginning, now allows ALL women to feel better about themselves, perhaps a little naughty? Sexy, all in one. What’s better then walking down the street knowing you have a secret? Or flaunting your curves and feeling comfortable with the skin you’re in?

  2. Jennifer Long says:

    I think corsets are beautiful. i never see them as forms of beauty torture probably only because i missed that generation. The other 2 movies where ive seen corset torture was on Titanic and Pirates of the Carribean. I winced during those parts i wont lie. I felt their pain. Corsets also make sex hot as men absolutely drool over them. Corsets are pretty out there as a form of trendy outerwear now so theres so many to choose from. Dont forget now we have Spanx!

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