Curves, Cats, and Creams

Thrifty Curves Rejoice!

on April 29, 2014


With spring finally just around the corner, which one of us can resist the urge to purge? Our closets, that is. Out with the bulky sweaters and in with the carefree tank tops!

Then that annoying, persistent voice in your head keeps repeating the most dreaded five words in the English language, “But I can’t afford it!” All your excitement dies away and you’re left wondering if your sewing skills are good enough to turn that bulky sweater into a carefree tank top.

Put the scissors down, curvy ladies and gents, and come to third annual Big Thrifty event instead. On Saturday, May 3rd, from 12-5 PM, you can live out your spring wardrobe fantasies by spending no more than $10 on each thrifted item at this one-day bargain event. $5 at the door allows you access to hundreds of items, all for women and men sizes XL and up. Bring your own shopping bag and you’ll receive an additional $1 off your total purchase, not to mention brownie points with the earth for being green.

You will also be able to shop at the unique pop-up store from The Thicky Chicky, a normally online-only plus size clothing boutique, and splurge on “glam vintage” outfits, including stunning creations by Bodycon, a hot curvy brand known especially for their illusion-like dresses that cleverly fool the eye.

While you’re building your fabulous new wardrobe, you’ll also be enjoying music by Kerr Griffin, a Boston-area singer/songwriter known for his body-positive lyrics, which will be the perfect compliment to the intro-level yoga, belly dancing (with Nadira Jamal of Belly Dance Somerville), and burlesque classes offered in a private classroom. 

Last but not least, you can worship with The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a modern order of queer nuns that include people of all gender associations, spiritual affiliations, and proclivities who do good works. The sisters will be there throughout the entire event and will even be on hand for photo-ops with you and your Big Thrifty scores. 

This year’s Big Thrifty event will be located at 420 Pearl Malden, MA, the home of Triangle, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with disabilities by providing programs such as their “award-winning School-to-Career program for young adults with disabilities, comprehensive employment training and planning services for individuals with disabilities, an award-winning television show called Ablevision, a medical manufacturing facility, a contract fulfillment center, and a café that are staffed by trainees.” Learn more about Triangle’s mission and how you can get involved at the link below.

Of course, don’t forget to bring those new or gently used clothes hanging neglected and unloved in your closet; they are sure to find a good home with a fellow shopper! Please try to drop them off at Triangle between 12 and 2 so they can be organized and displayed appropriately. 

If you’re feeling charitable, please email and tell them that you want to volunteer for this spectacular event. Not only will your services be greatly appreciated, you’ll also get a sneak peek at the goodies and won’t have to pay the admission fee. Talk about a sweet deal!

The Big Thrifty event is easily accessible by public transportation via Wellington station on the Orange line and a free shuttle van will be making round-trips throughout the day to and from the event. There is also plenty of free parking in the lot next to Triangle and the venue does have elevator access.

A few final notes: please do not wear perfume, cologne, or scented lotion, as many of the participants will be sensitive to them. Photography is only allowed at the photo booth, so please do not take any crowd shots. Finally, this event is cash only, so make sure to stop at the ATM before arriving so you don’t miss out on anything!


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