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The Curvy Gods Have Answered Our Prayers; Boston Curvy Fashion Week 2015 is Officially on the Books!!!

on May 31, 2014



Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City is right around the corner and I am ecstatic that I am one of the lucky attendees! I am thrilled to be attending both as a blogger and as the PR manager for Dede Allure, the curvy couture designer who is rapidly becoming known as the “Curvy Coco Chanel” thanks to her timeless, classic designs that never go out of style.

Since New York City and Boston have slightly different attitudes toward fashion (NYC: “Something new? Great! Let’s do it!” Boston: “Something new? No, that’s too risky! Let’s keep doing what we’ve been doing for 20 years; it’s safer!” In other words, Boston has no balls when it comes to fashion!

That is all about to change, my fellow Bostonians! I’m writing this post 5 minutes after hearing the BEST news I’ve heard all year: Boston is finally acknowledging the curvy community and will host the very first Boston Curvy Fashion Week in 2015!!! As of now, the details are still being kept under wraps, although there are many sponsorship opportunities for this historic event, so contact the organizers at to ensure that you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your curvy business.

I promise to keep you updated as new details are added. In the meantime follow the hashtags listed below.


Question of the day: Do you think Boston Curvy Fashion Week will be as successful as New York’s Full Figured Fashion Week? Why or why not?




























2 responses to “The Curvy Gods Have Answered Our Prayers; Boston Curvy Fashion Week 2015 is Officially on the Books!!!

  1. Semirah says:

    Congrats on the news! I am definitely interested in attending in 2015.

  2. @Semirah we are trilled that you’re interested in attending Boston Curvy Fashion Week 2015! Follow us on:

    to stay current on whats going on and continue to follow this blog for updates Sermirah!


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