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Afraid of Swimsuit Season, Curvy Girls? Fear Not!

on June 10, 2014



Now that the winter finally seems to have exhausted itself (knocking on as many pieces of wood as I can find), next up is the season that many plus size girls dread so much that they’d prefer to wear snow boots year round: bathing suit season!

Although this is a nail-biting time for even the most slender of women, those with curves are usually the most in need of a manicure when trying to find a suit that is comfortable and flattering, yet makes the girls secure enough to enjoy some kick-ass body surfing without worrying about inadvertently flashing your fellow beach-goers (yes, that happened to me at the tender age of 16)!

I recently stumbled upon Nordstrom’s “Fit” category on their website, which helps shoppers of all sizes narrow down suits based on their specific fit goals instead of getting eye strain reading through hundreds of descriptions one by one, trying to learn what each suit does. There are options for enhancing and minimizing busts, creating a curvy silhouette, trimming tummies, and even accommodating a long torso. There is also a Swimsuit Fit Guide that shows you what body type each style is best for!

If you still can’t decide, Nordstrom’s Personal Stylists are at your beck and call. They will hold your hand through this treacherous journey and even have suits waiting for you upon your arrival. Book a one-on-one appointment through or call your nearest store.

Visit Nordstrom at the link below to find your ideal suit and, of course, remember to visit your favorite Sephora for your perfect SPF protection before hitting that beach!


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