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Who Says Modest Plus Size Women Can’t be Fashionable? Not Plus Size Muslimah!

on July 1, 2014

For blog Plus Size Muslimah


“Curves are Sexy!” “Show Off Your Curves!” These types of slogans are used by the majority of plus size brands in order to appeal to a woman’s desire to look and feel sexy. While no one can deny that sex sells, there are some women who prefer a much more modest wardrobe, especially in the ever-expanding Muslim community. If the plus size market has been pushed aside, though, the modest plus size market has been pushed aside and locked in a closet, hidden from the light of day!

Thankfully, its voice is slowly being heard with the help of Plus Size Muslimah, a unique retailer that offers the modest plus size woman fashionable, tasteful clothes in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and styles, including maternity and even bridal, all adhering to a modest dress code that’s appropriate when attending even the most conservative mosque.

Plus Size Muslimah gives these women hope with their belief that “the modest woman can be modest while also being feminine and far more than just utilitarian. We think she shouldn’t have to layer in order to be modest – layering is something she should do because she thinks it’s cute. We think the modest woman should have more choices and shopping should be fun. We believe in a creative approach to modesty that uses details, patterns, embellishments, and other accents to maintain a woman’s desired modesty level while making her feel feminine, beautiful, and well-dressed. We believe in making modesty the easy choice. We’d like to do our part to eliminate “making do” for the plus sized modest woman. We’ve just gotten started, but we are really excited about all that we can do at”


Question of the Day: Do you know of any other plus size sub-group that is ignored by the fashion industry? If so, do you think they’re ignored for political, financial, or other reasons?


Find out more about Plus Size Muslimah:






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