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Keep Your Pants On Resurrects the Most Neglected, Yet Vital, Fashion Staple in the World; Belts!

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Recently, I was introduced to, and I was so impressed that I agreed to take them on as a public relations client. Here’s why: founded in 2007, it’s the first and only website focused on the $1 billion women’s belts market, helping women to look sexier, feel slimmer, and accentuate their assets by creating a personalized retail experience, offering an exclusive collection of belts for women, including leather belts (both genuine and imitation), waist belts, skinny belts, stretch belts, hand-made belts, beaded belts, and much more.

For decades, women, especially plus size women, have used belts to make bold fashion statements, to breathe new life into old outfits, and to sculpt and shape their figures. Despite their vitality, women’s belts remain an afterthought to most major retailers, often hanging sadly on lifeless, “help yourself” belt racks scattered randomly throughout the store, resulting in a tedious shopping experience that lacks the same excitement and “thrill-of-the-hunt” associated with handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

The website offers hard to find indie designers and micro brands such as the breathtaking belt buckles by Kimberly Grace and Boston’s own designer Kathy Dichter of KDichter Designs. With an easy-to-use fit guide, customers can quickly identify the most flattering styles for their shape. even has a user-friendly DIY belt section, making customization and personal style simple for both the straight and plus size woman.

“We are doing to women’s belts what Victoria’s Secret did to lingerie”, says founder and CEO, Sivan Soffer. “We’re bringing this neglected fashion staple to the forefront by focusing on one thing only- our customers’ belt needs, which is why 90% of our customers purchased their first belt online with us.”


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Love the Curves? Now You Can Love the Cause, Too!

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Although my DDD breasts can sometimes be a nuisance (read: backaches, button-down shirts, etc), at the end of the day I truly do love them, which is why the thought of breast cancer scares the sh&t out of me. Besides the possible health risks, of course, I can’t deny that the fear of losing the feeling of empowerment and sexiness they give me is terrifying. And I know that I’m not alone; whether a woman is flat as a board or resembles a mountain range, her breasts help her to feel womanly, powerful, mature, and attractive. 

Which is why I desperately wanted to get the word out about “Love the Curves – Love the Cause”, a fundraiser for Medebra, a company which produces bras for those who have undergone breast reductions, lifts, augmentations, lumpectomies, mastectomies, and other chest surgeries. Money raised from this worthy event will provide Medebras to those who are unable to afford them.

Founder and breast cancer survivor Kim P. Haley reveals the inspiring story behind Medebra, “One of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had after hearing the words ‘breast cancer’ was finding the courage to choose a surgeon, set a surgery date, and tell those I loved my situation. When I went to the operating room on my surgery day, I didn’t know the outcome of what I’d feel or look like.

When I woke up and opened my eyes, the first thing I did was look down and reach for my chest, and I saw and felt this awful suit of armor they had strapped and zippered me into! My poor surgeon, a sweet, dedicated man, had no idea of the strong words I was about to say to him: ‘OK, doc, as if things weren’t bad enough, I’m waking up to feeling like a knight in Camelot! Okay…., yes… well, of course I’m grateful to be here and well, but as women, our femininity is a part of who we are! Couldn’t you find something pretty to put me into?’ So my sweet, dedicated surgeon smiled and acknowledged my words of wisdom and said, ‘Okay Kim, so your next challenge is to make something prettier for women post-op, okay?'”

Thus, the Medebra was born! To benefit countless others, Kim has turned her painful experience into a labor of love, making sure her bras are both beautiful and functional, even including features such as adjustable prosthesis and places for drainage bulbs.

Support all women’s curves by joining Kim and Medebra on Saturday, September 27th, from 6:30 – 8 PM, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Miami International Airport, located at 950 NW 42nd Ave. Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased at

I think we can all relate to the passion behind Kim’s vision, “that Medebra gives other women some sense of power, strength, and feeling of femininity and allows them to realize that they are still the same person and they are still beautiful.”

To learn more about Kim’s journey and Medebra, visit and

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#Plussizeplease; David and Goliath, the Plus Size Version!

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Having been a member of, the world’s largest petition website, referred to as “The go-to site for Web uprisings” by The New York Times, for over a year now, I have seen the power of unity among the masses to create social upheaval and to encourage/force incredible changes that I would never have thought possible.

So when I stumbled across an article about a new hashtag called #plussizeplease, I was intrigued. #Plussizeplease was conceived by the blog Curvily to prove to retailers how much money they’re losing by not acknowledging the fact that women come in sizes bigger than 12.

Here’s how it works: If you happen to spot an outfit in a store that you simply must have, only to realize that it doesn’t exist in anything larger than a size 12, instead of lashing out at the poor sales clerk cowering behind the register, channel your anger and frustration into action! Take a picture of the outfit, including the brand and price, and post it to all of your social media sites with the hashtag #plussizeplease, preferably tagging the brand and retailer who had the nerve to ignore your existence. For example, “@Dolcegabbana, @BarneysNY, floral print sleeveless dress, $1,795. I’d buy it right now if it came in size X (or in plus sizes) #plussizeplease”. Afterwards, share it with your friends and network. Social media makes getting others involved ridiculously easy, so take full advantage of that to make your voice heard loud and clear!

After all, this is about more than just clothes, ladies and gents; this is about demanding equal treatment and respect. Unfortunately, plus size people are still often viewed as lazy, fat, and unlovable, so this is truly an opportunity to make your voice heard. As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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